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November 30, 2020

Oliver Cone, Bulkley Capital Featured on ‘Maximize Business Value’ Podcast

Oliver Cone, Senior Vice President at Bulkley Capital, was recently featured as a guest on the Maximize Business Value podcast hosted by Tom Bronson. Oliver discussed a number of topics important to any business owner contemplating an exit, including the importance of identifying buyers or investors who are both credible and can bring value, the range of capital alternatives available to today’s middle market company, and lessons learned about the value of a knowledgeable advisor.

Oliver also authored a guest post on the Mastery Partners blog, entitled “Ensuring a Successful Exit,” where he discusses how a targeted and well-organized process best maximizes value and results in the optimal outcome for a business owner.

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Listen: Maximize Business Value Podcast: Ep. 32 – What Your Investment Banker Won’t Tell You, feat. Oliver Cone, Bulkley Capital

Watch on Youtube: Maximize Business Value Podcast (Video): Ep. 32

Mastery Partners Blog Post: Ensuring a Successful Exit

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