Perhaps the best way to understand how we work is to read about specific client situations. In each case we provided the experience and guidance our clients needed to plan and structure a solution consistent with their objectives. Click below for examples of the value we add as partners to owners and management teams.

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Management Buyout

A management-led purchase can represent an attractive liquidity option for a business owner. The process can be completed in a confidential and timely manner; the transition is seamless; company independence and legacy are preserved; and a valued management team is rewarded with a meaningful opportunity. However most executives at...

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Building Value through Acquisitions

Business owners have multiple tools at their disposal as they consider how best to increase long-term shareholder value and returns. Strategic acquisitions are one option and can strengthen a company and position it to capitalize on future trends and opportunities, changing the composition of the business in a manner...

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Addressing Capital Constraints

Many successful middle market businesses find themselves constrained by a lack of access to capital. They may have outgrown the capabilities of their bank, repaying expensive financing may be consuming all of their free cash flow, or an attractive growth initiative may demand a level of funding that goes...

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The Managed Sale Process

Business owners make the decision to sell their companies for many reasons, both financial and personal. Regardless of motivation, owners should recognize that selling their business is not just a single event but rather a process, and the manner in which that process is conducted can have significant implications,...

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