Since 1985 we have helped middle market business owners and management teams successfully sell their companies, make acquisitions and raise capital. Owners of leading businesses around the country hire us because our track record shows we close what we take on.

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Our Commitment

We do this by committing to every engagement as a team and providing the resources and expertise our clients need to achieve the best possible outcome. By working on a limited number of transactions simultaneously we ensure that every client receives the attention they deserve and can count on us for direct, honest and timely advice.

Our Relationships

Our years of experience demonstrate the value that can be created by combining the strategic vision of leading businesses with our ability to analyze, structure and negotiate M&A and financing solutions. We think of ourselves as an extension of our clients’ internal teams and this philosophy has been reflected in many customer relationships that span years rather than months.

Based in Dallas, we work throughout the U.S. with private, family and closely-held companies in a broad range of industries and annual sales of $20 million to $500 million.

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What Are People Saying?

“Brad, Oliver and Ben were top notch in terms of professionalism and industry knowledge. The process was not only efficient and accurate but it also achieved maximum value. From LOI to close in under 60 days, amazing. Their taking the lead allowed me and my team to continue to run our business so we wouldn’t lose any business during the process.”

Bill Almquist, former owner and CEO of Almcoe Refrigeration Company, LLC

“Partnering with the Bulkley team proved to be the best decision we could have made in our journey. They navigated us through the process, counseled us along the way and produced a result that we are extremely satisfied with. I have no doubt that they created value that far exceeded what we could have done without them. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with them as we made our way to the finish line.”

Robert Koren, former CEO of National Switchgear Holding, LLC

“Our entire experience with the Bulkley team was exceptional and professional. It was completely consultive, explaining our options at every turn, never any pressure. They made us appear to be a very sophisticated seller. There is no doubt in my mind it brought us a premium price in the market.”

Doug Powell, Founder and former Chairman of National Switchgear Holding, LLC

“Oliver and his team brought excellent process, strategic advice and professionalism to the sale of our firm.  They really helped my partners and me to maximize our opportunities and carefully evaluate the suitor firms.  We are so happy with the way the sale was handled and with our new home.    I recommend Bulkley Capital frequently and wouldn’t hesitate to engage the team again.”

Jan Moye, Founder of Moye I.T. Consulting, LLC

“When I decided to sell the engineering services firm that I founded 18 years ago, I knew it would be the first and likely only time I would go through this process, and that finding the right advisor was critical. Brad, Oliver and Ben at Bulkley Capital were not only responsive and professional, they negotiated a deal that resulted in incredible opportunities for me and my key staff.  They clearly explained every step of the process and presented complex information in a clear, organized format so I could make an informed decision.”

Rachel Hayden, Founder and Owner,
Hayden Consultants, Inc.

“Brad and his team have a dynamic system in place from start to finish in selling a business.  I was very impressed with their performance through the whole process.  To say that I would highly recommend Bulkley Capital is an understatement.  They are first class all the way.”

Jim McCann, President and CEO, Continental Battery Company

“Brad has a gift for reading personalities and balancing negotiation in delicate scenarios.   Truly – I’ve never seen anything like it before.   Bulkley Capital is a boutique firm and their reputation is stellar.”

Dave Gibson, Founder, Former Principal, intellirent

“Bulkley Capital assisted and advised us throughout our transaction. They were timely, thorough, and turned out to be a great representative…[They employed] a unique highly focused process including only the most qualified buyers, enabling us to maintain complete confidentiality.”

Michael Fiorile, Vice Chairman & CEO,
The Dispatch Printing Co.

“No matter what type of financial transaction it is…at least three times during the life of that deal it’s going to come off the rails…The absolute masters of making sure that deal gets back on track work at Bulkley Capital. I’ve never seen any firm so skilled and dedicated to making sure that once the process is started it gets done.”

Richard Gilbert, Director & former client

“The team at Bulkley Capital has the unique ability to be able to cut to the chase of what the needs of a company are and then be able to very effectively communicate those needs in a personalized style that demonstrates what they can do for you in the process.”

Jay Kruger, Former President and CEO, Hamilton Group

“There’s a great deal of negotiating in these complex transactions. Bulkley Capital not only brought their experience and expertise to the table, but the perseverance and persistence to follow through on the transaction and obtain the results we were looking for.”

Peter Burlage, Former CEO,
Peerless Mfg. Co.

“The acquisition Bulkley Capital helped negotiate gave us a very strong foothold in the U.S. market and basically doubled our stock within about a month.”

James Craig, Former COO,
Furmanite Worldwide, Inc.

“Brad has taken on a keen interest in family business… as evidenced by the fact he currently assists some very high-profile families around the country.”

John Davis, Faculty Chair, Family Business Program at Harvard Business School & Founder of Cambridge Advisors

“Bulkley Capital works in a way that is highly sensitive to the politics and realities of the specific situation. I believe people choose to work with Bulkley Capital because firstly, they’re smart and capable, secondly [they’re] delightful people with whom to work, and finally they get results.”

Henry Foley, Senior Partner, BanyanGlobal Family Business Advisors

“Although Bulkley Capital had no significant prior involvement in our industry, they learned it quickly, and could not only identify the potential strategic investors we needed, but also convey a thorough knowledge of the process we could follow to approach the market.”

Tom Wolf, Former President and CEO,
STS Consultants

“We were unsophisticated sellers…Bulkley Capital was extremely useful in advising us, keeping the deal on track and sheperding it through to a sale…we ended up astonished that word never got out – astonished and delighted. In the end, it was very complex. If we had just left it up to the lawyers, it would have been a disaster.”

Tom Yoder, Former Principal, Chicago Reader and Washington City Paper

“You know there is a lot of ego tied up when you go to sell your baby. It’s kind of an identity crisis…Bulkley Capital understood our culture really well and was able to help factor that into finding the right equity firm who would understand our philosophy. And it’s been great.”

Bruce Leech, Founder,
CrossCom National, Inc.

“The company we wanted to purchase was a private entity. Because of Bulkley Capital’s extensive experience with privately-owned businesses, they were able to help us better understand the nuances of that type of relationship. And that turned out to be extremely valuable.”

Hank Schopfer, Former CFO,
Peerless Mfg. Co.

“…once we decided that we might want to look into harvesting the equity out of our business, they really tried to find a good fit for us…I think they cared a lot about the family atmosphere we had created…The company Bulkley Capital delivered shared a real parallel with our culture and business philosophy.”

Jeff Cade, Former President and Principal, Moulding Associates, Inc

“[Bulkley Capital was] quick to appreciate our concerns and needs, not the least of which was a thorough explanation, repeated frequently, of the process before us. The end result of this diligent effort was a successful sales transaction. As a future buyer or seller I wouldn’t hesitate a moment to re-engage Brad and his group.”

John Bickel, Former CEO,
StatLab Medical Products, Inc.

“[Bulkley Capital’s] focused and methodical process netted us an equity partner who had the ability to accommodate our financial needs, and with whom we were able to establish great rapport. We would utilize Bulkley Capital’s services again in the future without hesitation.”

Phil O’Neill, President,
Swiss-American Products

“Each project was planned and choreographed for positive results and achievement of objectives. When challenges developed that became potential road blocks, Bulkley’s team re- grouped and adjusted strategy to overcome…I would definitely recommend and use Bulkley Capital again for credit facilities, buy and sell side equity transactions.”

Clayton W. Taylor, Chairman of the Board, ComRent International, LLC

“When I decided to attempt to sell my company, my attorney suggested that I contact Bulkley Capital…My experience with Bulkley could not have been better…Selling your business can be an emotional roller coaster and they definitely kept things on the tracks. I highly recommend them.”

Ken Reiser, Former President,
Meletio Lighting & Electrical Supply