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Capital Raising

There are many reasons for a company to contemplate introducing outside financing. Funding growth initiatives, strategic acquisitions or the buyout of exiting shareholders; facilitating generational transfers; or expanding working capital capacity. Whatever the intended use, our role is to help our clients evaluate all of their financial alternatives and secure the needed capital on the best terms available.

Whether senior debt, mezzanine or equity, choosing a financial partner is a critical decision and the implications go well beyond dollars and interest rates. We leverage our capital markets expertise and knowledge of the many financing parties active in the middle market to ensure that the type of capital we raise and the institutions we raise it from are right for our clients.

As a corporate finance expert we assist in designing capital structures that will support our clients’ goals; developing materials to best convey a company’s story to the financing community; identifying and approaching the most attractive sources of capital; and closing commitments on the best terms possible.

We work with profitable U.S. based companies in all industries other than real estate and oil and gas exploration and production. Our clients generate at least $2 million in EBITDA and are seeking $5 million or more in debt or equity capital.