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Business Divestitures

Selling your company likely represents the most important business deal of your career, and we bring the commitment and attention to detail that the transaction deserves. We believe no two situations are the same and so each sale process is designed to fit the specific goals of our clients, not a standard formula.

While it is the most critical component of a sale price is one of many factors that rank high among our clients’ concerns. We help owners prioritize their financial and non-economic objectives so we can define and work towards the ideal exit.

Traditional auctions can inflict lasting damage on successful middle market companies and actually result in diminished value. Widespread knowledge of your intent to sell can jeopardize valuable customer relationships, prompt the departure of key employees and strengthen the position of your competitors. To avoid these pitfalls we manage targeted and confidential processes, maximizing value by delivering a compelling story to the most viable buyers and ensuring our clients have options.

We represent businesses with more than $2 million in EBITDA throughout the United States and in all industries other than real estate and oil and gas exploration and production.