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April 1, 2018

Land O’Frost Acquires Wellshire Farms

Bulkley Capital served as exclusive buyside advisor to Land O’Frost, Inc. (Munster, Indiana) in the acquisition of Wellshire Farms (Swedesboro, New Jersey), a supplier of natural, antibiotic-free and organic meat products to specialty retailers including Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe’s and Sprouts Farmers Market.

Land O’Frost is a third-generation family-owned and run business founded in 1941. With three manufacturing facilities and more than 1,500 employees the company is one of the country’s leading suppliers of branded lunchmeats and specialty sausages. Bulkley Capital worked with Land O’Frost’s owners to design and execute a proactive acquisition strategy for the company.

The purchase of Wellshire Farms provides a complementary product offering, including bacon, breakfast meats and sausages, leading brands in the natural and organic segment, and established relationships with major category retailers.


As seen in the National Provisioner.

May 16, 2019
Andy Hanacek

Land O’Frost’s acquisition of Wellshire Farms: ‘Well’ on its way

The acquisition of Wellshire Farms by Land O’Frost has gone about as swimmingly as both sides could have expected one year into the integration — now, the unified team has its sights set on bigger and better opportunities.

David Van Eekeren
David Van Eekeren, president & CEO of Land O’Frost Inc., at the Wellshire Farms offices in Swedesboro, N.J.
When successful companies collide via acquisition or merger, sometimes egos, assumptions and stubborn experiences can derail the entire process. It happens in many industries and often leaves broken brands, employees and businesses in its wake.
What’s the secret to avoiding this fate? Take, for example, the acquisition of Swedesboro, N.J.-based Wellshire Farms by Munster, Ind.-based Land O’Frost — a deal that brought together two proven, family-owned businesses in April 2018.
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