We are proud of our track record and the list of extraordinary companies and management teams with whom we have worked. The success stories below span a broad range of industries and geographic markets, and reflect different client objectives. In each case our expertise and commitment to a tailored plan ensured we reached the best possible result.

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Bulkley Capital represented Hayden Consultants Inc, a founder owned engineering services provider, in its sale to GEI Consultants.

Bulkley Capital represented Intellirent, a founder owned rental provider of test equipment for electrical testing, maintenance, acceptance and monitoring applications, in its sale to Electro Rent Corporation.

Bulkley Capital represented Display Source Alliance LLP, a family owned manufacturer of point of purchase displays and merchandising solutions in its majority recapitalization with a private investment group.

Bulkley Capital represented Land O’Frost, a family owned manufacturer of branded lunchmeat, sausages and specialty meat products, in its acquisition of Wellshire Farms, Inc., a top supplier of all-natural beef, pork and poultry products.

Bulkley Capital represented Continental Batteries, a family owned distributor of batteries, in its sale to Incline Equity Partners.

Bulkley Capital represented Wrapports LLC in the sale of the Chicago Sun Times, the Chicago Reader and the Straight Dope

Bulkley Capital represented LA-CO Industries, a family owned manufacturer of specialty chemical and industrial marking products, in its acquisition of the John P. Nissen, Jr. Company

Bulkley Capital represented Wrapports LLC in the sale of Chicago.com, a local website and domain service.

Bulkley Capital represented Parksite, a wholesale distributor of specialty building products, in its acquisition of Lavelle Company.

Bulkley Capital represented Dispatch Printing Company, a family owned publisher of The Columbus Dispatch, 24 suburban weekly newspapers and 7 magazines, in its sale to New Media Investment Group (NYSE:NEWM).

Bulkley Capital represented Peerless Mfg. Co. in the sale of its heat exchanger business to Koch Heat Transfer, a subsidiary of Koch Industries.

Bulkley Capital represented the Chicago Sun Times in the sale of its portfolio of 38 suburban publications to the Tribune Publishing Company (NYSE:TPUB).

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