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October 3, 2018

Hayden Consultants acquired by GEI Consultants

Bulkley Capital served as exclusive financial advisor to Hayden Consultants, Inc. (Dallas, Texas), a civil engineering consulting firm, in the sale of the company to GEI Consultants, Inc. (Woburn, Massachusetts).

Hayden Consultants was founded in 2000 and specializes in civil and transportation design and engineering services for projects in Texas and surrounding states, including complex street reconstruction, highways and tollways, rail and transit facilities and water resources. Bulkley Capital was engaged by the company’s founder and majority owner to evaluate alternatives relating to the sale or recapitalization of the business in order to diversify her personal holdings.

Hayden Consultants was successfully merged with GEI Consultants, a national engineering and science consulting firm. The transaction provides the company with the resources to develop new clients and services in Texas, while offering career opportunities for Hayden’s staff and significant ongoing ownership interests in GEI for the company’s shareholders.

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